A few of many Psalms



1Oh, the joys of those
who do not follow the advice of the wicked,
or stand around with sinners,
or join in with scoffers.

2But they delight in doing everything the Lord wants;
day and night they think about his law.

3They are like trees planted along the riverbank,
bearing fruit each season without fail.
Their leaves never wither,
and in all they do, they prosper.

4But this is not true of the wicked.
They are like worthless chaff, scattered by the wind.

5They will be condemned at the time of judgment.
Sinners will have no place among the godly.

6For the Lord watches over the path of the godly,
but the path of the wicked leads to destruction.


1O Lord, I have so many enemies;
so many are against me.

2So many are saying,
“God will never rescue him!”

3But you, O Lord, are a shield around me,
my glory, and the one who lifts my head high.

4I cried out to the Lord,
and he answered me from his holy mountain.

5I lay down and slept.
I woke up in safety,
for the Lord was watching over me.

6I am not afraid of ten thousand enemies
who surround me on every side.


1O Lord, hear me as I pray;
pay attention to my groaning.

2Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God,
for I will never pray to anyone but you.

3Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord.
Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.

4O God, you take no pleasure in wickedness;
you cannot tolerate the slightest sin.

5Therefore, the proud will not be allowed to stand in your presence,
for you hate all who do evil.

6You will destroy those who tell lies.
The Lord detests murderers and deceivers.

7Because of your unfailing love, I can enter your house;
with deepest awe I will worship at your Temple.

8Lead me in the right path, O Lord,
or my enemies will conquer me.
Tell me clearly what to do,
and show me which way to turn.


10 God is my shield,
saving those whose hearts are true and right.

11God is a judge who is perfectly fair.
He is angry with the wicked every day.

12If a person does not repent,
God will sharpen his sword;
he will bend and string his bow.

13He will prepare his deadly weapons
and ignite his flaming arrows.

14The wicked conceive evil;
they are pregnant with trouble
and give birth to lies.

15They dig a pit to trap others
and then fall into it themselves.

16They make trouble,
but it backfires on them.
They plan violence for others,
but it falls on their own heads.

17I will thank the Lord because he is just;
I will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High.


1O Lord, our Lord, the majesty of your name fills the earth!
Your glory is higher than the heavens.

2You have taught children and nursing infants
to give you praise.
They silence your enemies
who were seeking revenge.

3When I look at the night sky and see the work of your fingers—
the moon and the stars you have set in place—

4what are mortals that you should think of us,
mere humans that you should care for us?

5For you made us only a little lower than God,
and you crowned us with glory and honor.

6You put us in charge of everything you made,
giving us authority over all things—

7the sheep and the cattle
and all the wild animals,

8the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea,
and everything that swims the ocean currents.

9O Lord, our Lord, the majesty of your name fills the earth!


1I will thank you, Lord, with all my heart;
I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done.

2I will be filled with joy because of you.
I will sing praises to your name, O Most High.

3My enemies turn away in retreat;
they are overthrown and destroyed before you.

4For you have judged in my favor;
from your throne, you have judged with fairness.

5You have rebuked the nations and destroyed the wicked;
you have wiped out their names forever.

6My enemies have met their doom;
their cities are perpetual ruins.
Even the memory of their uprooted cities is lost.

7But the Lord reigns forever,
executing judgment from his throne.

8He will judge the world with justice
and rule the nations with fairness.

9The Lord is a shelter for the oppressed,
a refuge in times of trouble.

10Those who know your name trust in you,
for you, O Lord, have never abandoned anyone who searches for you.

11Sing praises to the Lord who reigns in Jerusalem.
Tell the world about his unforgettable deeds.

12For he who avenges murder cares for the helpless.
He does not ignore those who cry to him for help.


1I trust in the Lord for protection.
So why do you say to me,
“Fly to the mountains for safety!

2The wicked are stringing their bows
and setting their arrows in the bowstrings.
They shoot from the shadows at those who do right.

3The foundations of law and order have collapsed.
What can the righteous do?”

4But the Lord is in his holy Temple;
the Lord still rules from heaven.
He watches everything closely,
examining everyone on earth.

5The Lord examines both the righteous and the wicked.
He hates everyone who loves violence.

6He rains down blazing coals on the wicked,
punishing them with burning sulfur and scorching winds.

7For the Lord is righteous, and he loves justice.
Those who do what is right will see his face.


1Who may worship in your sanctuary, Lord?
Who may enter your presence on your holy hill?

2Those who lead blameless lives
and do what is right,
speaking the truth from sincere hearts.

3Those who refuse to slander others
or harm their neighbors
or speak evil of their friends.

4Those who despise persistent sinners,
and honor the faithful followers of the Lord
and keep their promises even when it hurts.

5Those who do not charge interest on the money they lend,
and who refuse to accept bribes to testify against the innocent.
Such people will stand firm forever.


1Keep me safe, O God,
for I have come to you for refuge.

2I said to the Lord, “You are my Master!
All the good things I have are from you.”

3The godly people in the land
are my true heroes!
I take pleasure in them!

4Those who chase after other gods will be filled with sorrow.
I will not take part in their sacrifices
or even speak the names of their gods.

5Lord, you alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing.
You guard all that is mine.

6The land you have given me is a pleasant land.
What a wonderful inheritance!

7I will bless the Lord who guides me;
even at night my heart instructs me.

8I know the Lord is always with me.
I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.

9No wonder my heart is filled with joy,
and my mouth shouts his praises!
My body rests in safety.

10For you will not leave my soul among the dead
or allow your godly one to rot in the grave.

11You will show me the way of life,
granting me the joy of your presence
and the pleasures of living with you forever.


6I am praying to you because I know you will answer, O God.
Bend down and listen as I pray.

7Show me your unfailing love in wonderful ways.
You save with your strength
those who seek refuge from their enemies.

8Guard me as the apple of your eye.
Hide me in the shadow of your wings.


1I love you, Lord; you are my strength.

2The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my savior;
my God is my rock, in whom I find protection.
He is my shield, the strength of my salvation, and my stronghold.

3I will call on the Lord, who is worthy of praise,
for he saves me from my enemies.

4The ropes of death surrounded me;
the floods of destruction swept over me.

5The grave wrapped its ropes around me;
death itself stared me in the face.

6But in my distress I cried out to the Lord;
yes, I prayed to my God for help.
He heard me from his sanctuary;
my cry reached his ears.

Theme: Both God’s creation and his word reveal his greatness.
Author: David
For the choir director: A psalm of David

1The heavens tell of the glory of God.
The skies display his marvelous craftsmanship.

2Day after day they continue to speak;
night after night they make him known.

3They speak without a sound or a word;
their voice is silent in the skies;

4yet their message has gone out to all the earth,
and their words to all the world.
The sun lives in the heavens
where God placed it.

5It bursts forth like a radiant bridegroom
after his wedding.
It rejoices like a great athlete
eager to run the race.

6The sun rises at one end of the heavens
and follows its course to the other end.
Nothing can hide from its heat.

7The law of the Lord is perfect,
reviving the soul.
The decrees of the Lord are trustworthy,
making wise the simple.

8The commandments of the Lord are right,
bringing joy to the heart.
The commands of the Lord are clear,
giving insight to life.

9Reverence for the Lord is pure,
lasting forever.
The laws of the Lord are true;
each one is fair.

10They are more desirable than gold,
even the finest gold.
They are sweeter than honey,
even honey dripping from the comb.

11They are a warning to those who hear them;
there is great reward for those who obey them.

12How can I know all the sins lurking in my heart?
Cleanse me from these hidden faults.

13Keep me from deliberate sins!
Don’t let them control me.
Then I will be free of guilt
and innocent of great sin.

14May the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart
be pleasing to you,
O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.


1The Lord is my shepherd;
I have everything I need.

2He lets me rest in green meadows;
he leads me beside peaceful streams.

3He renews my strength.
He guides me along right paths,
bringing honor to his name.

4Even when I walk
through the dark valley of death,
I will not be afraid,
for you are close beside me.
Your rod and your staff
protect and comfort me.

5You prepare a feast for me
in the presence of my enemies.
You welcome me as a guest,
anointing my head with oil.
My cup overflows with blessings.

6Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me
all the days of my life,
and I will live in the house of the Lord forever.


1The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.
The world and all its people belong to him.

2For he laid the earth’s foundation on the seas
and built it on the ocean depths.

3Who may climb the mountain of the Lord?
Who may stand in his holy place?

4Only those whose hands and hearts are pure,
who do not worship idols
and never tell lies.

5They will receive the Lord’s blessing
and have right standing with God their savior.

6They alone may enter God’s presence
and worship the God of Israel.

7Open up, ancient gates!
Open up, ancient doors,
and let the King of glory enter.

8Who is the King of glory?
The Lord, strong and mighty,
the Lord, invincible in battle.

9Open up, ancient gates!
Open up, ancient doors,
and let the King of glory enter.

10Who is the King of glory?
The Lord Almighty—
he is the King of glory.


1To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.

2I trust in you, my God!
Do not let me be disgraced,
or let my enemies rejoice in my defeat.

3No one who trusts in you will ever be disgraced,
but disgrace comes to those who try to deceive others.

4Show me the path where I should walk, O Lord;
point out the right road for me to follow.

5Lead me by your truth and teach me,
for you are the God who saves me.
All day long I put my hope in you.

6Remember, O Lord, your unfailing love and compassion,
which you have shown from long ages past.

7Forgive the rebellious sins of my youth;
look instead through the eyes of your unfailing love,
for you are merciful, O Lord.

8The Lord is good and does what is right;
he shows the proper path to those who go astray.

9He leads the humble in what is right,
teaching them his way.

10The Lord leads with unfailing love and faithfulness
all those who keep his covenant and obey his decrees.

11For the honor of your name, O Lord,
forgive my many, many sins.

12Who are those who fear the Lord?
He will show them the path they should choose.


1Declare me innocent, O Lord,
for I have acted with integrity;
I have trusted in the Lord without wavering.

2Put me on trial, Lord, and cross-examine me.
Test my motives and affections.

3For I am constantly aware of your unfailing love,
and I have lived according to your truth.

4I do not spend time with liars
or go along with hypocrites.

5I hate the gatherings of those who do evil,
and I refuse to join in with the wicked.

6I wash my hands to declare my innocence.
I come to your altar, O Lord,

7singing a song of thanksgiving
and telling of all your miracles.

8I love your sanctuary, Lord,
the place where your glory shines.

9Don’t let me suffer the fate of sinners.
Don’t condemn me along with murderers.

10Their hands are dirty with wicked schemes,
and they constantly take bribes.

11But I am not like that; I do what is right.
So in your mercy, save me.

12I have taken a stand,
and I will publicly praise the Lord.


1The Lord is my light and my salvation—
so why should I be afraid?
The Lord protects me from danger—
so why should I tremble?

2When evil people come to destroy me,
when my enemies and foes attack me,
they will stumble and fall.

3Though a mighty army surrounds me,
my heart will know no fear.
Even if they attack me,
I remain confident.

4The one thing I ask of the Lord—
the thing I seek most—
is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,
delighting in the Lord’s perfections
and meditating in his Temple.


1O Lord, you are my rock of safety.
Please help me; don’t refuse to answer me.
For if you are silent,
I might as well give up and die.

2Listen to my prayer for mercy
as I cry out to you for help,
as I lift my hands toward your holy sanctuary.


1Give honor to the Lord, you angels;
give honor to the Lord for his glory and strength.

2Give honor to the Lord for the glory of his name.
Worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness.

3The voice of the Lord echoes above the sea.
The God of glory thunders.
The Lord thunders over the mighty sea.

4The voice of the Lord is powerful;
the voice of the Lord is full of majesty.

5The voice of the Lord splits the mighty cedars;
the Lord shatters the cedars of Lebanon.

6He makes Lebanon’s mountains skip like a calf
and Mount Hermon to leap like a young bull.

7The voice of the Lord strikes with lightning bolts.

8The voice of the Lord makes the desert quake;
the Lord shakes the desert of Kadesh.

9The voice of the Lord twists mighty oaks
and strips the forests bare.
In his Temple everyone shouts, “Glory!”

10The Lord rules over the floodwaters.
The Lord reigns as king forever.

11The Lord gives his people strength.
The Lord blesses them with peace.


1I will praise you, Lord, for you have rescued me.
You refused to let my enemies triumph over me.

2O Lord my God, I cried out to you for help,
and you restored my health.

3You brought me up from the grave, O Lord.
You kept me from falling into the pit of death.

4Sing to the Lord, all you godly ones!
Praise his holy name.

5His anger lasts for a moment,
but his favor lasts a lifetime!
Weeping may go on all night,
but joy comes with the morning.


1O Lord, I have come to you for protection;
don’t let me be put to shame.
Rescue me, for you always do what is right.

2Bend down and listen to me;
rescue me quickly.
Be for me a great rock of safety,
a fortress where my enemies cannot reach me.

3You are my rock and my fortress.
For the honor of your name, lead me out of this peril.

4Pull me from the trap my enemies set for me,
for I find protection in you alone.

5I entrust my spirit into your hand.
Rescue me, Lord, for you are a faithful God.


1Oh, what joy for those
whose rebellion is forgiven,
whose sin is put out of sight!

2Yes, what joy for those
whose record the Lord has cleared of sin,
whose lives are lived in complete honesty!

3When I refused to confess my sin,
I was weak and miserable,
and I groaned all day long.

4Day and night your hand of discipline was heavy on me.
My strength evaporated like water in the summer heat.

5Finally, I confessed all my sins to you
and stopped trying to hide them.
I said to myself, “I will confess my rebellion to the Lord.”
And you forgave me! All my guilt is gone.

6Therefore, let all the godly confess their rebellion to you while there is time,
that they may not drown in the floodwaters of judgment.

7For you are my hiding place;
you protect me from trouble.
You surround me with songs of victory.


1Let the godly sing with joy to the Lord,
for it is fitting to praise him.

2Praise the Lord with melodies on the lyre;
make music for him on the ten-stringed harp.

3Sing new songs of praise to him;
play skillfully on the harp and sing with joy.

4For the word of the Lord holds true,
and everything he does is worthy of our trust.

5He loves whatever is just and good,
and his unfailing love fills the earth.

6The Lord merely spoke,
and the heavens were created.
He breathed the word,
and all the stars were born.

7He gave the sea its boundaries
and locked the oceans in vast reservoirs.

8Let everyone in the world fear the Lord,
and let everyone stand in awe of him.

9For when he spoke, the world began!
It appeared at his command.


1I will praise the Lord at all times.
I will constantly speak his praises.

2I will boast only in the Lord;
let all who are discouraged take heart.

3Come, let us tell of the Lord’s greatness;
let us exalt his name together.

4I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me,
freeing me from all my fears.

5Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy;
no shadow of shame will darken their faces.

6I cried out to the Lord in my suffering, and he heard me.
He set me free from all my fears.

7For the angel of the Lord guards all who fear him,
and he rescues them.

8Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Oh, the joys of those who trust in him!

9Let the Lord’s people show him reverence,
for those who honor him will have all they need.

10Even strong young lions sometimes go hungry,
but those who trust in the Lord will never lack any good thing.

11Come, my children, and listen to me,
and I will teach you to fear the Lord.

12Do any of you want to live
a life that is long and good?

13Then watch your tongue!
Keep your lips from telling lies!

14Turn away from evil and do good.
Work hard at living in peace with others.

15The eyes of the Lord watch over those who do right;
his ears are open to their cries for help.

16But the Lord turns his face against those who do evil;
he will erase their memory from the earth.

17The Lord hears his people when they call to him for help.
He rescues them from all their troubles.

18The Lord is close to the brokenhearted;
he rescues those who are crushed in spirit.

19The righteous face many troubles,
but the Lord rescues them from each and every one.


5Your unfailing love, O Lord, is as vast as the heavens;
your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds.

6Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains,
your justice like the ocean depths.
You care for people and animals alike, O Lord.

7How precious is your unfailing love, O God!
All humanity finds shelter
in the shadow of your wings.

8You feed them from the abundance of your own house,
letting them drink from your rivers of delight.

9For you are the fountain of life,
the light by which we see.

10Pour out your unfailing love on those who love you;
give justice to those with honest hearts.


1Don’t worry about the wicked.
Don’t envy those who do wrong.

2For like grass, they soon fade away.
Like springtime flowers, they soon wither.

3Trust in the Lord and do good.
Then you will live safely in the land and prosper.

4Take delight in the Lord,
and he will give you your heart’s desires.

5Commit everything you do to the Lord.
Trust him, and he will help you.

6He will make your innocence as clear as the dawn,
and the justice of your cause will shine like the noonday sun.

7Be still in the presence of the Lord,
and wait patiently for him to act.
Don’t worry about evil people who prosper
or fret about their wicked schemes.

8Stop your anger!
Turn from your rage!
Do not envy others—
it only leads to harm.

9For the wicked will be destroyed,
but those who trust in the Lord will possess the land.

10In a little while, the wicked will disappear.
Though you look for them, they will be gone.

11Those who are gentle and lowly will possess the land;
they will live in prosperous security.

12The wicked plot against the godly;
they snarl at them in defiance.

13But the Lord just laughs,
for he sees their day of judgment coming.


1I said to myself, “I will watch what I do
and not sin in what I say.
I will curb my tongue
when the ungodly are around me.”

2But as I stood there in silence—
not even speaking of good things—
the turmoil within me grew to the bursting point.

3My thoughts grew hot within me
and began to burn,
igniting a fire of words:

4“Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be.
Remind me that my days are numbered,
and that my life is fleeing away.

5My life is no longer than the width of my hand.
An entire lifetime is just a moment to you;
human existence is but a breath.”

6We are merely moving shadows,
and all our busy rushing ends in nothing.
We heap up wealth for someone else to spend.

7And so, Lord, where do I put my hope?
My only hope is in you.


1I waited patiently for the Lord to help me,
and he turned to me and heard my cry.

2He lifted me out of the pit of despair,
out of the mud and the mire.
He set my feet on solid ground
and steadied me as I walked along.

3He has given me a new song to sing,
a hymn of praise to our God.
Many will see what he has done and be astounded.
They will put their trust in the Lord.

4Oh, the joys of those who trust the Lord,
who have no confidence in the proud,
or in those who worship idols.

5O Lord my God, you have done many miracles for us.
Your plans for us are too numerous to list.
If I tried to recite all your wonderful deeds,
I would never come to the end of them.


1Oh, the joys of those who are kind to the poor.
The Lord rescues them in times of trouble.

2The Lord protects them
and keeps them alive.
He gives them prosperity
and rescues them from their enemies.

3The Lord nurses them when they are sick
and eases their pain and discomfort.


1As the deer pants for streams of water,
so I long for you, O God.

2I thirst for God, the living God.
When can I come and stand before him?


3Send out your light and your truth;
let them guide me.
Let them lead me to your holy mountain,
to the place where you live.

4There I will go to the altar of God,
to God—the source of all my joy.
I will praise you with my harp,
O God, my God!

5Why am I discouraged?
Why so sad?
I will put my hope in God!
I will praise him again—
my Savior and my God!


1God is our refuge and strength,
always ready to help in times of trouble.

2So we will not fear, even if earthquakes come
and the mountains crumble into the sea.

3Let the oceans roar and foam.
Let the mountains tremble as the waters surge!


1Have mercy on me, O God,
because of your unfailing love.
Because of your great compassion,
blot out the stain of my sins.

2Wash me clean from my guilt.
Purify me from my sin.

3For I recognize my shameful deeds—
they haunt me day and night.

4Against you, and you alone, have I sinned;
I have done what is evil in your sight.
You will be proved right in what you say,
and your judgment against me is just.

5For I was born a sinner—
yes, from the moment my mother conceived me.

6But you desire honesty from the heart,
so you can teach me to be wise in my inmost being.

7Purify me from my sins,£ and I will be clean;
wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.


9On the very day I call to you for help,
my enemies will retreat.
This I know: God is on my side.£

10O God, I praise your word.
Yes, Lord, I praise your word.

11I trust in God, so why should I be afraid?
What can mere mortals do to me?

12I will fulfill my vows to you, O God,
and offer a sacrifice of thanks for your help.

13For you have rescued me from death;
you have kept my feet from slipping.
So now I can walk in your presence, O God,
in your life-giving light.


1Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy!
I look to you for protection.
I will hide beneath the shadow of your wings
until this violent storm is past.

2I cry out to God Most High,
to God who will fulfill his purpose for me.

3He will send help from heaven to save me,
rescuing me from those who are out to get me.
My God will send forth his unfailing love and faithfulness.


1O God, listen to my cry!
Hear my prayer!

2From the ends of the earth,
I will cry to you for help,
for my heart is overwhelmed.
Lead me to the towering rock of safety,

3for you are my safe refuge,
a fortress where my enemies cannot reach me.

4Let me live forever in your sanctuary,
safe beneath the shelter of your wings!


1I wait quietly before God,
for my salvation comes from him.

2He alone is my rock and my salvation,
my fortress where I will never be shaken.


1O God, you are my God;
I earnestly search for you.
My soul thirsts for you;
my whole body longs for you
in this parched and weary land
where there is no water.

2I have seen you in your sanctuary
and gazed upon your power and glory.

3Your unfailing love is better to me than life itself;
how I praise you!

4I will honor you as long as I live,
lifting up my hands to you in prayer.

5You satisfy me more than the richest of foods.
I will praise you with songs of joy.

6I lie awake thinking of you,
meditating on you through the night.

7I think how much you have helped me;
I sing for joy in the shadow of your protecting wings.

8I follow close behind you;
your strong right hand holds me securely.


1Shout joyful praises to God, all the earth!

2Sing about the glory of his name!
Tell the world how glorious he is.

3Say to God, “How awesome are your deeds!
Your enemies cringe before your mighty power.

4Everything on earth will worship you;
they will sing your praises,
shouting your name in glorious songs.”


1May God be merciful and bless us.
May his face shine with favor upon us.

2May your ways be known throughout the earth,
your saving power among people everywhere.

3May the nations praise you, O God.
Yes, may all the nations praise you.

4How glad the nations will be, singing for joy,
because you govern them with justice
and direct the actions of the whole world.

5May the nations praise you, O God.
Yes, may all the nations praise you.

6Then the earth will yield its harvests,
and God, our God, will richly bless us.

7Yes, God will bless us,
and people all over the world will fear him.


1O Lord, you are my refuge;
never let me be disgraced.

2Rescue me! Save me from my enemies, for you are just.
Turn your ear to listen and set me free.

3Be to me a protecting rock of safety,
where I am always welcome.
Give the order to save me,
for you are my rock and my fortress.


1How lovely is your dwelling place,
O Lord Almighty.

2I long, yes, I faint with longing
to enter the courts of the Lord.
With my whole being, body and soul,
I will shout joyfully to the living God.

3Even the sparrow finds a home there,
and the swallow builds her nest
and raises her young—
at a place near your altar,
O Lord Almighty, my King and my God!

4How happy are those who can live in your house,
always singing your praises.


1Bend down, O Lord, and hear my prayer;
answer me, for I need your help.

2Protect me, for I am devoted to you.
Save me, for I serve you and trust you.
You are my God.

3Be merciful, O Lord,
for I am calling on you constantly.

4Give me happiness, O Lord,
for my life depends on you.

5O Lord, you are so good, so ready to forgive,
so full of unfailing love for all who ask your aid.

6Listen closely to my prayer, O Lord;
hear my urgent cry.

7I will call to you whenever trouble strikes,
and you will answer me.


1I will sing of the tender mercies of the Lord forever!
Young and old will hear of your faithfulness.

2Your unfailing love will last forever.
Your faithfulness is as enduring as the heavens.


1Those who live in the shelter of the Most High
will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

2This I declare of the Lord:
He alone is my refuge, my place of safety;
he is my God, and I am trusting him.

3For he will rescue you from every trap
and protect you from the fatal plague.

4He will shield you with his wings.
He will shelter you with his feathers.
His faithful promises are your armor and protection.

5Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night,
nor fear the dangers of the day,

6nor dread the plague that stalks in darkness,
nor the disaster that strikes at midday.


1It is good to give thanks to the Lord,
to sing praises to the Most High.

2It is good to proclaim your unfailing love in the morning,
your faithfulness in the evening,

3accompanied by the harp and lute
and the harmony of the lyre.

4You thrill me, Lord, with all you have done for me!
I sing for joy because of what you have done.

5O Lord, what great miracles you do!
And how deep are your thoughts.


1The Lord is king! He is robed in majesty.
Indeed, the Lord is robed in majesty and armed with strength.
The world is firmly established;
it cannot be shaken.

2Your throne, O Lord, has been established from time immemorial.
You yourself are from the everlasting past.

3The mighty oceans have roared, O Lord.
The mighty oceans roar like thunder;
the mighty oceans roar as they pound the shore.

4But mightier than the violent raging of the seas,
mightier than the breakers on the shore—
the Lord above is mightier than these!

5Your royal decrees cannot be changed.
The nature of your reign, O Lord, is holiness forever.


1Come, let us sing to the Lord!
Let us give a joyous shout to the rock of our salvation!

2Let us come before him with thanksgiving.
Let us sing him psalms of praise.

3For the Lord is a great God,
the great King above all gods.

4He owns the depths of the earth,
and even the mightiest mountains are his.

5The sea belongs to him, for he made it.
His hands formed the dry land, too.

6Come, let us worship and bow down.
Let us kneel before the Lord our maker,

7for he is our God.
We are the people he watches over,
the sheep under his care.
Oh, that you would listen to his voice today!

8The Lord says, “Don’t harden your hearts as Israel did at Meribah,
as they did at Massah in the wilderness.

9For there your ancestors tried my patience;
they courted my wrath though they had seen my many miracles.

10For forty years I was angry with them, and I said,
‘They are a people whose hearts turn away from me.
They refuse to do what I tell them.’

11So in my anger I made a vow:
‘They will never enter my place of rest.’”


1Sing a new song to the Lord!
Let the whole earth sing to the Lord!

2Sing to the Lord; bless his name.
Each day proclaim the good news that he saves.

3Publish his glorious deeds among the nations.
Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.


1The Lord is king! Let the earth rejoice!
Let the farthest islands be glad.

2Clouds and darkness surround him.
Righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne.

3Fire goes forth before him
and burns up all his foes.

4His lightning flashes out across the world.
The earth sees and trembles.

5The mountains melt like wax before the Lord,
before the Lord of all the earth.

6The heavens declare his righteousness;
every nation sees his glory.

7Those who worship idols are disgraced—
all who brag about their worthless gods—
for every god must bow to him.

8Jerusalem has heard and rejoiced,
and all the cities of Judah are glad
because of your justice, Lord!

9For you, O Lord, are most high over all the earth;
you are exalted far above all gods.

10You who love the Lord, hate evil!
He protects the lives of his godly people
and rescues them from the power of the wicked.

11Light shines on the godly,
and joy on those who do right.

12May all who are godly be happy in the Lord
and praise his holy name!


1Sing a new song to the Lord,
for he has done wonderful deeds.
He has won a mighty victory
by his power and holiness.

2The Lord has announced his victory
and has revealed his righteousness to every nation!

3He has remembered his promise to love and be faithful to Israel.
The whole earth has seen the salvation of our God.

4Shout to the Lord, all the earth;
break out in praise and sing for joy!

5Sing your praise to the Lord with the harp,
with the harp and melodious song,

6with trumpets and the sound of the ram’s horn.
Make a joyful symphony before the Lord, the King!

7Let the sea and everything in it shout his praise!
Let the earth and all living things join in.

8Let the rivers clap their hands in glee!
Let the hills sing out their songs of joy

9before the Lord.
For the Lord is coming to judge the earth.
He will judge the world with justice,
and the nations with fairness.


1Shout with joy to the Lord, O earth!

2Worship the Lord with gladness.
Come before him, singing with joy.

3Acknowledge that the Lord is God!
He made us, and we are his.
We are his people, the sheep of his pasture.

4Enter his gates with thanksgiving;
go into his courts with praise.
Give thanks to him and bless his name.

5For the Lord is good.
His unfailing love continues forever,
and his faithfulness continues to each generation.


1I will sing of your love and justice.
I will praise you, Lord, with songs.

2I will be careful to live a blameless life—
when will you come to my aid?
I will lead a life of integrity
in my own home.

3I will refuse to look at
anything vile and vulgar.
I hate all crooked dealings;
I will have nothing to do with them.

4I will reject perverse ideas
and stay away from every evil.

5I will not tolerate people who slander their neighbors.
I will not endure conceit and pride.


1Praise the Lord, I tell myself;
O Lord my God, how great you are!
You are robed with honor and with majesty;

2you are dressed in a robe of light.
You stretch out the starry curtain of the heavens;

3you lay out the rafters of your home in the rain clouds.
You make the clouds your chariots;
you ride upon the wings of the wind.

4The winds are your messengers;
flames of fire are your servants.

5You placed the world on its foundation
so it would never be moved.

6You clothed the earth with floods of water,
water that covered even the mountains.

7At the sound of your rebuke, the water fled;
at the sound of your thunder, it fled away.

8Mountains rose and valleys sank
to the levels you decreed.

9Then you set a firm boundary for the seas,
so they would never again cover the earth.

10You make the springs pour water into ravines,
so streams gush down from the mountains.

11They provide water for all the animals,
and the wild donkeys quench their thirst.

12The birds nest beside the streams
and sing among the branches of the trees.

13You send rain on the mountains from your heavenly home,
and you fill the earth with the fruit of your labor.

14You cause grass to grow for the cattle.
You cause plants to grow for people to use.
You allow them to produce food from the earth—

15wine to make them glad,
olive oil as lotion for their skin,
and bread to give them strength.


1Praise the Lord!
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!
His faithful love endures forever.

2Who can list the glorious miracles of the Lord?
Who can ever praise him half enough?

3Happy are those who deal justly with others
and always do what is right.


1Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!
His faithful love endures forever.

2Has the Lord redeemed you? Then speak out!
Tell others he has saved you from your enemies.

3For he has gathered the exiles from many lands,
from east and west, from north and south.


1My heart is confident in you, O God;
no wonder I can sing your praises!
Wake up, my soul!

2Wake up, O harp and lyre!
I will waken the dawn with my song.

3I will thank you, Lord, in front of all the people.
I will sing your praises among the nations.

4For your unfailing love is higher than the heavens.
Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.

5Be exalted, O God, above the highest heavens.
May your glory shine over all the earth.


1Praise the Lord!
I will thank the Lord with all my heart
as I meet with his godly people.

2How amazing are the deeds of the Lord!
All who delight in him should ponder them.

3Everything he does reveals his glory and majesty.
His righteousness never fails.

4Who can forget the wonders he performs?
How gracious and merciful is our Lord!


1Praise the Lord!
Yes, give praise, O servants of the Lord.
Praise the name of the Lord!

2Blessed be the name of the Lord
forever and ever.

3Everywhere—from east to west—
praise the name of the Lord.

4For the Lord is high above the nations;
his glory is far greater than the heavens.

5Who can be compared with the Lord our God,
who is enthroned on high?

6Far below him are the heavens and the earth.
He stoops to look,

7and he lifts the poor from the dirt
and the needy from the garbage dump.

8He sets them among princes,
even the princes of his own people!

9He gives the barren woman a home,
so that she becomes a happy mother.
Praise the Lord!


1I love the Lord because he hears
and answers my prayers.

2Because he bends down and listens,
I will pray as long as I have breath!

3Death had its hands around my throat;
the terrors of the grave£ overtook me.
I saw only trouble and sorrow.

4Then I called on the name of the Lord:
“Please, Lord, save me!”

5How kind the Lord is! How good he is!
So merciful, this God of ours!

6The Lord protects those of childlike faith;
I was facing death, and then he saved me.

7Now I can rest again,
for the Lord has been so good to me.

8He has saved me from death,
my eyes from tears,
my feet from stumbling.

9And so I walk in the Lord’s presence
as I live here on earth!


1Praise the Lord, all you nations.
Praise him, all you people of the earth.

2For he loves us with unfailing love;
the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.
Praise the Lord!


1I look up to the mountains—
does my help come from there?

2My help comes from the Lord,
who made the heavens and the earth!

3He will not let you stumble and fall;
the one who watches over you will not sleep.

4Indeed, he who watches over Israel
never tires and never sleeps.

5The Lord himself watches over you!
The Lord stands beside you as your protective shade.

6The sun will not hurt you by day,
nor the moon at night.

7The Lord keeps you from all evil
and preserves your life.

8The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go,
both now and forever.


1Unless the Lord builds a house,
the work of the builders is useless.
Unless the Lord protects a city,
guarding it with sentries will do no good.

2It is useless for you to work so hard
from early morning until late at night,
anxiously working for food to eat;
for God gives rest to his loved ones.

3Children are a gift from the Lord;
they are a reward from him.

4Children born to a young man
are like sharp arrows in a warrior’s hands.

5How happy is the man whose quiver is full of them!
He will not be put to shame when he confronts his accusers at the city gates.


1How happy are those who fear the Lord—
all who follow his ways!

2You will enjoy the fruit of your labor.
How happy you will be! How rich your life!

3Your wife will be like a fruitful vine,
flourishing within your home.
And look at all those children!
There they sit around your table
as vigorous and healthy as young olive trees.

4That is the Lord’s reward
for those who fear him.

5May the Lord continually bless you from Zion.
May you see Jerusalem prosper as long as you live.

6May you live to enjoy your grandchildren.
And may Israel have quietness and peace.


1From the depths of despair, O Lord,
I call for your help.

2Hear my cry, O Lord.
Pay attention to my prayer.

3Lord, if you kept a record of our sins,
who, O Lord, could ever survive?

4But you offer forgiveness,
that we might learn to fear you.

5I am counting on the Lord;
yes, I am counting on him.
I have put my hope in his word.

6I long for the Lord
more than sentries long for the dawn,
yes, more than sentries long for the dawn.

7O Israel, hope in the Lord;
for with the Lord there is unfailing love
and an overflowing supply of salvation.

8He himself will free Israel
from every kind of sin.


1O Lord, you have examined my heart
and know everything about me.

2You know when I sit down or stand up.
You know my every thought when far away.

3You chart the path ahead of me
and tell me where to stop and rest.
Every moment you know where I am.

4You know what I am going to say
even before I say it, Lord.

5You both precede and follow me.
You place your hand of blessing on my head.

6Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
too great for me to know!

7I can never escape from your spirit!
I can never get away from your presence!

8If I go up to heaven, you are there;
if I go down to the place of the dead,£ you are there.

9If I ride the wings of the morning,
if I dwell by the farthest oceans,

10even there your hand will guide me,
and your strength will support me.


1Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord, I tell myself.

2I will praise the Lord as long as I live.
I will sing praises to my God even with my dying breath.

3Don’t put your confidence in powerful people;
there is no help for you there.

4When their breathing stops, they return to the earth,
and in a moment all their plans come to an end.

5But happy are those who have the God of Israel£ as their helper,
whose hope is in the Lord their God.

6He is the one who made heaven and earth,
the sea, and everything in them.
He is the one who keeps every promise forever,

7who gives justice to the oppressed
and food to the hungry.
The Lord frees the prisoners.

8The Lord opens the eyes of the blind.
The Lord lifts the burdens of those bent beneath their loads.
The Lord loves the righteous.

9The Lord protects the foreigners among us.
He cares for the orphans and widows,
but he frustrates the plans of the wicked.

10The Lord will reign forever.
O Jerusalem, your God is King in every generation!
Praise the Lord!


1Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord from the heavens!
Praise him from the skies!

2Praise him, all his angels!
Praise him, all the armies of heaven!

3Praise him, sun and moon!
Praise him, all you twinkling stars!

4Praise him, skies above!
Praise him, vapors high above the clouds!

5Let every created thing give praise to the Lord,
for he issued his command, and they came into being.

6He established them forever and forever.
His orders will never be revoked.

7Praise the Lord from the earth,
you creatures of the ocean depths,

8fire and hail, snow and storm,
wind and weather that obey him,

9mountains and all hills,
fruit trees and all cedars,

10wild animals and all livestock,
reptiles and birds,

11kings of the earth and all people,
rulers and judges of the earth,

12young men and maidens,
old men and children.

13Let them all praise the name of the Lord.
For his name is very great;
his glory towers over the earth and heaven!

14He has made his people strong,
honoring his godly ones—
the people of Israel who are close to him.
Praise the Lord!


1Praise the Lord!
Praise God in his heavenly dwelling;
praise him in his mighty heaven!

2Praise him for his mighty works;
praise his unequaled greatness!

3Praise him with a blast of the trumpet;
praise him with the lyre and harp!

4Praise him with the tambourine and dancing;
praise him with stringed instruments and flutes!

5Praise him with a clash of cymbals;
praise him with loud clanging cymbals.

6Let everything that lives sing praises to the Lord!
Praise the Lord!